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I never thought I would ever turn into “that” mom. You know, the one whose wardrobe is made up of sweatshirts, tank tops, jeans and flats. You may be thinking, “well, what’s wrong with that?” But I promised myself when I was younger that I would never fall victim to “mommy wear” and I’d always keep my wardrobe on trend. But after two kids, a full-time job and working on this website, I don’t really have the time to put into cultivating a trendy wardrobe every season. However, just because we’re moms, doesn’t mean we need to dress like our own mothers! By adding a few pieces to your everyday outfits you can completely transform your look, and guess what? You can do it for less than $50.

This week is all about blazers! They are hands down one of my favorite additions to any outfit.

Take everything you thought about blazers and throw it out the window. Long gone are the days where blazers were only to wear to corporate jobs. These days, they’re the perfect complement to almost any outfit. This extremely versatile piece can be exactly what your wardrobe needs to take it from bland to bold.

And the best part? A blazer can shift an outfit from day to night and pull your look together in a matter of seconds.

How can a simple blazer be so versatile?

Casual Blazer Outfit


Take the photo above. I took a basic white blazer and paired it with jeans and flats. An outfit like this would be great for running errands around town, lunch dates, play dates and more! By pairing the blazer with jeans and flats, you are creating a more comfortable, casual look.

Evening Blazer


Here I took the same white blazer in the first picture and paired it with a fun cocktail dress. By adding matching accessories, I incorporated the blazer and really pulled this look together—perfect for a mom’s night out! All you need now is a yummy cocktail in hand.
There are so many different cuts and styles to a blazer—try on a few different styles and pick one that’s flattering to your figure. You don’t have to spend a fortune either.

Stay tuned for my next Fashion Forward Friday, where I talk about appropriate job-interview attire as well as simple tips to impress.