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My husband and I decided to create a jungle-themed, gender-neutral nursery when preparing for our second child.  We know how much babies and toddlers love animals, so we wanted our baby to have plenty of cute animals to stare at in his/her nursery.

When creating the nursery, I knew I wanted some original pieces of artwork, but I didn’t want to spend a fortune on it. So with the help of my best friend, I decided to make my own canvas spray paint art!  This project is very easy and only takes about a half hour to complete!

You will need someone that can draw animal shapes for these. I am not an artist, so my friend was able to draw them for me (most people know at least one person that can draw so this shouldn’t be hard to find). You can also try to find stencils at a local hobby store as well.

Materials Needed:

  • Canvas (I chose to use 16×20 canvases but you can choose any size)
  • Spray Paint—we used spray paint for our art because that was the quickest and easiest thing, but you could also use any kind of paint you like. Be sure to ask your local hardware sales person about what paint to use in a baby’s nursery.
  • Tape
  • Art paper—you will need this to draw your animals
  • Scissors
  • Rubber gloves (to avoid getting paint on your hands)


Step 1. Draw animal shapes on art paper and cut them out.

Step 2.  Tape animal shapes onto canvas. Be sure tape is under the animal shape and not taped to the edges so you only see the outline of the animal when you paint. Make sure animal lies completely flat on canvas.

Step 3.  Spray paint onto canvas (be sure to spray directly onto canvas and not on an angle). Be sure to also paint the edges of the canvas.

Step 4.  Let wet paint sit for a couple of minutes and carefully remove animal shapes off of canvas.

*Please note, when you are using spray paint, you will never get completely smooth lines on animals. That is what I like about this kind of art; the edges of your animals will have tiny bits of paint sprinkled on the white areas of the canvas, which will give an interesting and different look. If you don’t prefer this, you can always use a different kind of paint and paint brushes to create a more exact look.

Here is the finished product of the pictures for my nursery. Aren’t they cute? My favorite part is that I was able to make this artwork for under $30 for three pieces of art and it only took about 30 minutes to make!