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As a mom, I have very little time to devote to myself but take full advantage of every single opportunity. I am a big advocate of self care and believe that a happy mom makes for happy kids. In the last few years I have slowly added in little ways I take better care of myself and my body, from going to the doctor more to better skin care and learning new makeup techniques. I even had my amazing niece teach me to use false eye lashes because I wanted to add a little something for my rare date nights. Guess what…it ALL makes me feel better and I love putting in a little effort for ME!

One thing I would love to do is have bi-weekly mani/pedi days because I just can’t get enough of a beautifully manicured nail! Nail salons are time consuming though, and the cost adds up. In years past I have used nail strips and only one brand has ever impressed me but they no longer make them! All the others just didn’t compare.

Imagine my glee when a good friend contacted me to let me know she was selling Color Street Nail Strips! She described them to me and I was willing to try them out and see if they held up.
ColorStreet Upper East Side

My first thought when I  checked out the options was that the selection was amazing! There’s a nice mix of gorgeous designs, glitter, french tips and solid colors to choose from. I love a good solid colored manicure, so I love that they offer so many solid colors!

Color Street El Dorado and Monte Carlo JackpotAfter using these many times now, I can say with great confidence that these are stellar. I HIGHLY recommend them.

Made with 100% nail polish, these strips are so easy to apply and just like any other nail polish, you just use nail polish remover to clean it off! Best of all? They last well over 2 weeks! The only reasons I change then every two weeks are because my nails grow out and because I can’t wait to change up the strips! They don’t chip much, if at all and I put them through hell. 3 boys, dishes, house work and DIY projects and they still hold up.Color Street Upper East Side

To apply, find a strip to match the nail you are putting it on. Then you simply peel the protective coating off of the strip, then peel the strip off of it’s backing. place the strip onto your nail  and press down, rubbing your nail to help adhere the strip. Crease the strip down over the top of your nail and file the remainder of the strip off. If there’s excess around the edges of my nail, I simply push my thumb nail into the nail bed and it rips right off. I use the other end of the same strip on the same finger on the opposite hand-it’s plenty long enough for two adult nails! When I am able to use one strip for two nails, I am able to get 2 manicures or one full mani/pedi with a few strips left over to use as accent nails! Just be sure that if you have leftover strips that you seal them back up so they don’t dry out. I’ve used a ziplock bag and also used my curling iron to re-seal the original packaging.ColorStreet Midnight in Manhattan

And that’s it! They are dry immediately, no waiting and worrying that your nails will get ruined because they are applied dry and stay that way.

Because they are so simple and dry, these are perfect for kids too! Color Street Nail Strips

I’ve been able to have pretty fingernails AND toenails for the past 2 months and it has taken very little time or effort on my part! Plus, as much as I believe in self care, I also believe in supporting other moms in their businesses. I am always happy to support other moms, and what a perk that these nails are so amazing!

Aimee is offering some amazing deals on Color Street strips right now, make sure you jump on them and try them out for yourself!


Check out all of the gorgeous strips available on Aimee’s site and feel free to join her FACEBOOK GROUP for future sales and deals. She shares tons of tips, videos and inspiration pictures in there, and right now she’s got a fun contest going-go check it all out!


*I purchased these items myself and have gotten no compensation for mentioning Color Street-I just love them and wanted to share!