When I strained my coffee mixture, I used the lid portion of my iced tea maker because it’s made to hold the coffee filters and strain the liquid into a pitcher. You can also secure the filter or cheesecloth to the top of a pitcher using a rubberband!

You can use it for an iced coffee:
If you like your coffee black, simply add extra water and ice
If you like a latte, pour about 1 cup of the concentrate into a glass and finish off with milk/creamer

You can use it hot too!
Simply heat up the desired amount of concentrate, adding water if you like it black or milk/creamer for a latte!

Almond Milk Latte

My preffered drink right now is an Almond Milk Latte with a splash of CoffeeMate’s Girl Scout Caramel and Coconut non-dairy creamer (thanks to a dairy sensitive nursing baby).

However you choose to enjoy your coffee, it is now ready in seconds with your concentrate on-hand!