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My family travels a lot. We have family living all over the US, we take mini trips together, and go to friends houses often. It’s so much fun, but it becomes a hassle with 2 kids who normally need a highchair but are eating on your lap when you’re not at home. Basically, I don’t get to eat much when we are away from home at someone’s house without a high chair. We have a hook on chair, but there isn’t always a place to hook it onto!

Recently, I found out about a portable high chair that doesn’t need to hook onto anything, and is durable and easy to use!

Ciao Baby Highchair

The Portable High Chair from Ciao Baby is essentially a camping chair for your little one.
Camo Portable High ChairUnfold it, lock it and place your little one in for meals and snacks on the go! Perfect for vacations, picnics, or even dinner at a friend’s house who has no high chair!

It has an easy use lock on either side that snaps into place and tightens the tray

Ciao Baby Latch

And the material is durable and easy to spot clean! The tray has a vinyl cover, making clean up such a breeze and my son loves the built in cup holder for his favorite sippy cups!

The Portable High Chair

There is a flap of material with leg holes going from the tray to the seat, and you can secure baby into place even more with the built in seat belt with buckles!

Ciao Baby Portable Highchair

The Portable High Chair unfolds and folds back up easily for quick on the go meal time! When not in use, it stores perfectly in it’s matching cover bag with a strap for easy carrying.

The Portable High Chair in it's storage bag

Our Portable High Chair is in the fun Mossy Oak color (kind of a camoflauge!) but it comes in so many awesome colors!

Portable High Chair Colors

My only complaint for this is that there’s no way to machine wash it, but that’s just my weird obsession with washing everything. It spot cleans just fine, I just personally prefer a machine wash when there’s a food mess.

The Portable High Chair is perfect to keep in the car for use everywhere, and we absolutely love having ours for all our trips and outings!

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