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If you’ve been thinking about opening up a college savings account for your child(ren), then take note-May 25th is the day to do it!!

National 529 College Savings Day is May 29th (get it? 5-29) and Scholar Share is celebrating on May 25th by matching your opening contribution of $50! double-your-contributionSo…

You open a Scholar Share 529 College Savings plan with $50, set up auto contributions of at least $25 per month and Scholar Share will match that $50 to give your child (or yourself, a grandchild, etc) $100 to jump start their college savings!

We’ve spoken about Scholar Share in the past, and we’ve chatted about not getting overwhelmed with starting college savings for your children. If you’re even the least bit interested, make sure and read more about Scholar Share and their savings plans that will help your child go forward with higher education without all the debt.

Saving for college is so important, why not take advantage of FREE money for your child’s savings?!

Find more information about Scholar Share’s 529 Day contribution match HERE

This post is sponsored as a part of our ambassadorship with Scholar Share. All opinions are our own.