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It’s getting warmer outside and my kids are itching to get out after their first winter with snow. We’ve been slowly crawling out of our hibernation and finding more and more fun activities we can do outside.

A favorite activity with my boys is bubbles. Bubble wands, bubble machines even GIANT Bubbles (check out that tutorial HERE)! I decided one day to show them a fun bubble activity I had done at school as a little girl: making bubble snakes with water bottles!

We had so much fun making them together and I loved watching their excitement as they tried out the bubble makers that they made themselves.

These bubble snake makers are so simple to make, and we even had everything we needed to make them in the house!

Start with:What you need to make Bubble Snakes

-An empty water bottle
-An old sock (toddler size works best)
-Dish soap
-Water in a dish
-Duck tape

Start by adding dish soap to your water. We added about 1/4 cup of soap to about 2 cups of water but the measurements do not need to be exact. Stir gently until the two are combined.Bubble Snake Ingredients

Cut your water bottle in halfWater bottle for bubblesand then slide the sock onto the top of the water bottle, over the cut end. Pull the sock all the way up so that the end of the sock is tight against the wide opening.Making Bubble SnakesCut the sock about halfway up the bottle, all the way aroundHow to make bubble snakesWrap duck tape around the bottle, sealing the sock to the bottleHow to make Water Bottle Bubble SnakesNow, your bubble maker is ready to go! Dip it into the bubble solution sock side down and blow on the mouth opening!Fun making bubble snakesMake sure to reiterate to your kids to only blow-my poor 3 year old breathed in the bubbles as he took a breath and got some in his mouth.

Once we showed him how to pull away to take a breath, he did great!

Fun with Bubble SnakesWe had the best time with our bubble snakes (other than the mouthful of bubbles) and the whole neighborhood came over to make some of their own after they saw my boys out playing with them!Blowing Snake Bubbles

We hope you and your kids have a great time with your bubble snakes, too!


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