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Have you heard the news? Boba released a brand new carrier yesterday—the BobaAir! Read their announcement here! With bragging rights as the “world’s lightest carrier,” you don’t want to pass this up. I have been trying out the BobaAir for the last month, and let me tell you, it is awesome! Lightweight, compact and comfortable, it makes the perfect carrier.

The BobaAir has many of the features you love about the Boba:

  • Hood and pocket that zips
  • Side adjustment for easy nursing
  • Elastic band at the end of the straps

But the BobaAir also has features that set it apart from any other carrier in the world:

  • Lightweight—only weighs .7 lbs.
  • Can hold children 15 to 45 lbs.
  • Folds into itself—the carrier folds up into the hood pocket.
  • Made of nylon, same material as a parachute, so it is extremely durable. This also makes it super easy to clean and wipe things off rather than having to put it in a washing machine.
  • There is nothing else like this carrier on the market.
  • Retails for $69.95.

The BobaAir is lightweight, comfortable and easy to use. You can wear your child on the front or back without any strain or back pain. It is a soft, structured carrier that will work for babies and young children 15 to 45 lbs. My son is 27 lbs. and I still almost exclusively wear him on the front with the BobaAir. It is so comfortable and convenient.

I love my original Boba (read my review of the Boba 3G Carrier), but was super excited to try the BobaAir out. I recently was traveling by plane with my toddler and I like to lug as little as possible through the airport, so I usually wear my son until we get on the plane. But then I have to take the carrier off and store it, which is clunky and takes up space. Not the BobaAir. This is the perfect carrier for traveling. I wore my son through the airport and right onto the plane, where I then tucked the BobaAir into itself, and it became the size of a small purse. Since I don’t like to carry much, this feature is my favorite about the new BobaAir. It fit in my backpack without any problem.

Another great feature about the BobaAir is the lightweight nylon material—I used it while we were in Florida and was never hot or bothered by it, even during walks on the beach!

After it was folded into a pouch, I even used the BobaAir as a pillow when my son fell asleep on the plane and couldn’t get comfortable. Then, we went to an airport restaurant that didn’t have high chairs. So I strapped my son into an adult chair with the BobaAir! Those obviously aren’t the intended uses, but it sure did come in handy during my travels.

You can purchase the BobaAir Carrier directly from their website. You can also follow the Boba Family on Facebook and Twitter.

Boba is also having a Pintrest contest for a DREAM vacation-pin it to win it!

*I received the BobaAir product for review but the opinions are my own. I simply LOVE Boba Carriers!