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Bathing your newborn baby is supposed to be a time of bonding and joy between you and your baby. But with my previously owned plastic tub it was awkward and uncomfortable. My daughter would scream the whole time she was in the tub, and we rushed through the bath so we could relieve her crying. That is, until we found Blooming Bath. In this cozy little flower, her crying is MUCH less and I don’t feel so rushed to get her out of the tub!

Look at how adorable these tubs are! Four dads came together to create these baths made from extra-soft plush and silky fabric that has a naturally antimicrobial foam interior. AND the best part is that the interior and exterior fabrics are made with NO CHEMICALS!  Measuring at 31 inches tip to tip, these “too cute for words” baths are my new go-to for baby shower gifts! They come in hot pink, blue,  ivory and yellow which makes them perfect for girls, boys or you could even buy the yellow one for a pregnant mom who doesn’t know the sex of her baby!

They conveniently fit right into your kitchen sink and your baby fits cozily inside. No more squatting or bending over your bathtub; just place your Blooming Bath right in your kitchen sink for an easy and enjoyable bathing experience! Once you’re finished, all you do is wring it out, throw it in your dryer or hang from its convenient hanging tag to dry and store it until the next use!

Not only are these fashionable, they are so much more comfortable than the standard plastic tub. I also feel they are safer—my daughter often squirms away from me during bath time, and in the plastic tub, I always worried she would hit her head on the hard plastic in her escape attempts. With Blooming Bath, I don’t have to worry about that since it is soft and she fits snugly inside.


Blooming Bath Blooming Bath is proud to be a Parent Tested, Parent Approved Baby Bath Product Winner.  For those of you who aren’t familiar with the Parent Tested, Parent Approved organization, it is said to be North America’s largest parent tester community, a credible third-party resource for parents that boasts more than 60,000 volunteer parent testers.

You can purchase Blooming Baths at and at BuyBuyBaby

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