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I can’t believe summer vacation is just about over. In fact, for some of your kids, it may be already. Growing up back-to-school shopping was always my favorite thing. I couldn’t wait to head to class the very first day and show off all my new clothes and accessories we had purchased. I got to catch up with friends I hadn’t seen all summer and start another exciting chapter in my life.

Now-a-days there are so many options out there when it comes to back-to-school shopping that I decided it was time to put together a list of some of my favorite items that will help kick-start your child’s school year!


Cleanwell Hand Sanitizer

As the kids head back to school so do all the germs! For my family, we always choose Cleanwell to keep our hands clean.  CleanWell All Natural Hand Sanitizing Spray is made with a patented formulation of natural thyme oil that kills the germs that can make you sick. It is an easy to use spray bottle with “no mess” flip top cap which makes it perfect for our kids.


SIGG Water Bottles

If you are a regular reader of Simply Real Moms, then you probably know how much we love SIGG water bottles!  We have written several articles on them and happen to think they are the bees knees when it comes to water bottles. SIGG has an incredible Kids’ bottle line that has a bottle option for just about every child. They are the perfect size for fitting into your child’s lunchbox and you won’t have to worry about the bottle leaking. They are durable, easy to clean and eco-friendly!


Planet Wise Reusable Snack Bag

I think the typical parent goes through more plastic bags in a single school year than anyone else. I know for my family, we go through at least 3 a day, and that is just for one kid. I will be doubling that once my youngest is in school. Luckily there are companies out there to help make a difference when it comes to saving us money and helping the planet at the same time!

Planet Wise makes some of the best snack bags on the market. Say goodbye to plastic and hello to fantastic!

  • Great alternative to plastic baggies
  • Waste-free lunches
  • Perfect size for fruits and snacks
  • Replaces aluminum foil & plastic wrap
  • Bring a wet washcloth in any of the size bags for easy clean up on the go!
  • Fun for all ages!


O.R.E Originals Lunch Sack

O.R.E Originals makes some of the most amazing products with the most unique designs. They never seem to disappoint me which is why I chose them for their lunch sacks!

When off to school or daycare, the laminated cotton canvas Lunch Sack is the ideal choice to carry snacks. Features full insulation, a hook-and-loop closure, interior card for ID information and a convenient handle strap. Measures 10 x 6.5 x 4.5 wipe clean, line dry. Non-toxic and lead-free, and conforms to U.S., European, and Canadian standards.


Innobaby Lock & Lock Stacking Bento Box

The Packin’ SMART® Lock & Lock Stacking Bento has to be one of the best food storage containers I have ever owned! You can read my article on it here. With three separate compartments, the Innobaby Stacking Bento is the perfect choice for yogurts, fruit, dry snacks and more! It is thin and small enough to put directly into your child’s backpack and may fit into your child’s lunch box depending on the size.

Create fun meals and snacks for on-the-go.  Divided compartments are perfect for packing sandwiches, pastas, veggies, fruits, snacks and more.  STACK filled compartments using the slim dividing tray. LOCK containers to preserve mealtime creations & snacks. NEST empty containers for easy travel and compact storage.

  • see through top lid with locking side panels
  • removable silicone seal for divided compartment
  • slim dividing tray for separating main compartment to divided compartment
  • main compartment = 12 oz
  • divided compartment = 8 oz (4 oz each side).
  • Dishwasher safe.
  • bpa-,phthalates-, pvc-, lead FREE.


Clementine Art Supplies 

Clementine believes that natural, organic and wholesome ingredients found in nature are best for children and the earth. Clementine art products, packaging and materials set a higher standard for safety and health in children’s products.

Clementine provides parents with a natural alternative to traditional, chemical-laden art products. Clementine uses wholesome, clean ingredients; non-toxic colors from nature (plants, vegetable, and minerals); and no synthetic preservatives.


Beatrix New York Backpack

Beatrix New York is my #1 suggestion when it comes to backpacks! My oldest son will be going on his second year with the SAME backpack he has had since preschool. Not many people can brag about that— and yes, he is rough with it. I have never seen any other back pack with the same superb quality Beatrix has, nor the adorable designs.

The Big Kid Backpacks are big enough to hold textbooks, lunch, a laptop, & more. They are durable nylon packs that have a large interior space with a smaller interior pocket. Exterior has a large front pocket and two side pockets. Padded back panel and shoulder straps. PVC free, lead free, and phthalate free

If your child is not quite ready for the Big Kid Backpack, Beatrix makes Little Kid Backpacks!

Embroidered with their beloved forest creatures, these sturdy little packs hold everything a child needs for a busy day. Constructed from durable nylon and easy-to-clean laminated canvas. The large interior contains a smaller zipped pocket. Padded back panel and padded shoulder straps. Designed for ages 2 to 5. PVC free, lead free, & phthalate free.