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Celebrating milestones is one of the most exciting parts of being a parent! When your first child smiles for the first time, rolls over, says “mama”, gets her first tooth, takes his first steps and beyond we are usually there to document with pictures, video or even a journal. Seeing your child experience these things for the very first time is something you just can’t describe-what an amazing feeling!

We documented our first son’s milestones religiously. I would take video if possible, take pictures and jot down the date and info in a journal as well as a personal blog so that I would forever remember these moments.

When we welcomed our second son, I wanted to break the mold of the dreaded second (or beyond!) child and hold true to what I had started with my first. But I had two kids, and such is that life. The journal and blog had long been neglected and video was not quite as easy to manage remembering, but we did a great job of documenting with photos!  I’m ok with not having written documentation of each moment because not only can we reminisce through images, we also had the pleasure of watching our first son experiencing the joys of a baby’s milestones! He was so encouraging of his brother and really looked forward to the fun of seeing him tackle these milestones. I will cherish these pictures forever!

With his first smile, we got the joy of seeing big brother giggle with delight when he realized his little brother enjoyed looking at him! Baby's first smile

When he slept in his crib for the first time, big brother was right there with him to comfort him. He was so excited that his baby brother was growing and experiencing a new bed!Big Brother with baby in his crib

Big brother encouraged him relentlessly to roll over. Little brother tried and tried and big brother would even demonstrate how to do it. When he finally rolled over, we all celebrated and big brother felt so proud that he had taught him something new!Babys firsts the second time around

When little brother got his first ride on toy, big brother was the first to help him take a ride.Screenshot (10)

Teething was a big one for our second. While it was a relatively easy time for our first it was the opposite with our second. His first tooth didn’t come in until he was over 15 months old, despite showing signs and the pains of teething at 3 months old.Baby's First Teeth

Thank goodness for big brother, who would comfort little brother by holding his hand, allowing him to chew on his fingers, bringing him teething toys and help us rub Baby Orajel™ Naturals Teething Gel on his gums. Big brother loved helping to give his baby brother his “tooth gel” because he took pride in knowing he was making his baby feel better.

That love and care was a huge part of what got us through those tough months of screaming and pain for our little one.Screenshot (8)

Big brother was overjoyed to teach little brother how to be a big brother when we learned we had another baby on the way! He read him books and taught him to be gentle with baby dolls and got little brother very excited about this huge milestone!Screenshot (7)

Sure, celebrating those milestones are not the same the second time around, and they may be harder to document but oh the difference in having an older sibling to help celebrate those amazing milestones and help their younger sibling cope through the harder milestones. It’s an amazing time in my life that I will never forget!