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I have fond memories of curling up with American Girl books as a kid. The historical series was exciting, funny and perfect for young girls. Too bad our kids will miss out on stuff like that… wait, what? American Girl still exists?! NO WAY!

Yep, its true! You might have forgotten all about American Girl since our younger days, but your favorite characters are still around, teaching a new generation of girls to be proud of who they are and to solve problems logically. Even better, they have a series of advice-based books for “tweens,” which are amazing! I wish I’d gotten my hands on a copy of A Smart Girl’s Guide to Starting Middle School, way back when. Or maybe even A Smart Girl’s Guide to Friendship Troubles, which would have come in handy when Simply Real Moms’s own preteen Jasmine and I were having dramatic BFF fights!

For mothers of preteens (or those of us who remember what it was like), you know it can be hard to navigate the treacherous seas of growing up, and these books are a life preserver! My daughters are still too young to benefit from this particular series, but my 11 year-old sister and her friends can’t get enough of them. Girls swap them at school, share advice at sleepovers and develop a stronger sense of self-confidence by realizing that everything they’re going through is totally normal and happens to everyone. (How many times in your youth did you feel like the weirdest loner ever?)

Our family had the pleasure of reviewing A Smart Girl’s Guide to Liking Herself, the newest in the American Girl advice series. Directed to ages 10 and up, the guide is packed with quizzes, tips, and great ideas for not only boosting self-esteem, but dealing with the days when you just can’t seem to muster any. Written in clear, simple wording that doesn’t patronize or coddle, A Smart Girl’s Guide to Liking Herself is a hit that your preteen (or one you know) would keep by her bedside, with dog-eared pages.

American Girl books, including the advice series can be found wherever books are sold, in the American Girl bookstore on their website, and even on Amazon. Some cities even have American Girl stores, so check to see if one is nearby – they even throw themed birthday parties! Be sure to pick up a copy for the girl in your life today! You can also “like” American Girl on Facebook for the scoop on new books and products.


*Thanks to American Girl, I received a copy of the book for review – but all opinions are my own!*