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This post is brought to you by Michael, Head Health Coach- STUDIOMIX

You’re a unique, feminine female. The number of changes your body naturally goes through on a monthly basis rivals and often exceeds the complexity most men are comfortable with during an NFL Fantasy Draft. In terms of your health, there’s a lot to think about to keep your hormones, mood and overall health moving in the direction you’d like it to. Here are five ideas to consider in doing just that:
  1. Lifting weights won’t make you a bulky amazon woman. The layer of body fat that’s hiding your lean, long muscles is more likely the culprit. High-intensity resistance training is superior to typical cardiovascular training in burning fat in addition to correcting slumpy posture. Victoria’s Secret models lift weights and so should you.
  2. There’s many reasons you could have more fat on your thighs than you’d like. Estrogen is often the main influence. This hormone is important for several bodily functions in both sexes, but it’s easy to run into trouble by exposing yourself to environmental estrogens (plastics, cleaning products, cosmetics, oral contraceptives, etc.) and not getting the nutrients you need to detoxify them. Start by avoiding these toxins as it makes sense in your life, while adding things like carrots, green tea and red wine to your diet.
  3. Your cycle doesn’t have to be miserable. Many symptoms such as cramping, sleeplessness and irritability can be lessened by addressing common mineral deficiency. It’s very difficult to get enough magnesium, zinc and selenium from our diets, especially for vegans and vegetarians. Diets rich in beans and soy, for instance, oppose the absorption of these key nutrients. Supplementation is often necessary, and products in this category vary a ton in quality. When looking for a high-quality magnesium product, always look for the form of the mineral to end in “ate.” (glycinate, orotate, taurate, etc.)
  4. If you’re thinking about having children, make an effort to detoxify your body one year prior to conception. Everything from heavy metals like mercury in the tuna you shouldn’t be eating to the xenoestrogens in the air freshener you shouldn’t be using is likely to be passed on to your baby without ample time to detoxify. The boxed detoxification products available at nutrition stores aren’t enough. To really remove the toxins that you as an individual should focus on, it’s necessary to work with a professional over the course of months and often years. It sounds like a lot, but if you’d like to have children soon, do your best to become more conscious of what’s being passed on to them.
  5. Use healthy fats to get leaner. Fish oil, organic butter and coconut oil help us tolerate carbohydrates more efficiently, can boost the immune system, and lower joint inflammation. All three aid in balancing mood and their healthy potential can help reduce body fat. With all of the benefits of these functional fats, they’re an essential part of fat loss diets.

These are fairly general ideas and more individualized recommendations can only be made by a medical doctor or qualified health coach. Nonetheless, give them some thought and see if they can be helpful in moving towards the health you want.


Michael attended San Jose State University focusing on population health in developing nations, the Friedman School of Nutrition at Tufts University, and has practiced as a corrective exercise and nutrition coach throughout gyms, studios, and training centers in California. As Head Health Coach of San Francisco’s 30,000 square foot center for physical culture, STUDIOMIX, Michael works to help people reach their personal definition of health. Learn more about STUDIOMIX by visiting: