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Having a new baby is such a precious moment, but it can also be completely overwhelming, especially while on-the-go. Babies fuss, it’s inevitable. However, there are products on the market that can help make being out a lot easier and less stressful. Here are some of my favorite products that I have used and recommend to new (and seasoned) moms.

Tiny Love Take-Along Mobile

The  Meadow Days™ Take-Along Mobile™ is the perfect on-the-go accessory! You can easily add it to the handle of the infant car seat while the infant car seat is out of the car and in a shopping cart or on a high chair at a restaurant. This keeps your baby stimulated and entertained during your outing. It’s so hard getting out of the house with a newborn as it is, and this makes those trips a little easier.


Since my son is now a little older and can sit right into the shopping cart, I now put our Meadow Days™ Take-Along Mobile™ over his changing table to help keep him entertained during diaper changes.


This mobile has:

  • Soothing tunes and slow motion which helps relax baby and encourage EQ.
  • Designated connector for each baby gear product: play yards, travel cots, infant carriers, strollers and bassinets.
  • 30 minutes of continuous music and 5 different tunes.

Binxy Baby Hammock


Wondering how you’ll be able to do a grocery shopping trip with a newborn? Sure you can put their car seat in the cart, but then you will be limited to space and how much you can put in your cart. Sure you can bring your spouse so they can push the cart, while you push a stroller, but who wants to do that? With Binxy Baby, you can grocery shop with ease as the hammock allows for parents to easily lay their child on the hammock, or set their car seat right on top. You will have access to the entire cart by doing this and your child will be safe and out of the way.

We recommend adding the Tiny Love Meadow Days™ Take-Along Mobile™ to this shopping cart hammock. You can easily attach it to the handle of the car seat or right on the shopping cart if baby is laying directly in the Binxy Baby Hammock

Baby Change-N-Go

travel changing table

Not all bathrooms are created equally and for that reason, not all bathrooms have a changing table in them. Instead of having to rush back into your car or find a very inconvenient spot to change your baby’s diaper, you can use the Baby Change-N-Go.

Baby Change-N-Go is a portable changing station that works with bathroom stalls to provide a safe, private and clean space for taking care of business. Seriously, it’s that easy. Just hang it over the wall or door of a bathroom stall and you have a clean, sanitary changing table that no other baby has used!

Mixie Baby Formula Bottle

Mixie Baby Formula Bottle

When you’re on-the-go the last thing you want to do is open a can of formula, dump it into the bottle, add in your water and then mix. It’s not only messy, it’s time consuming. Mixie Baby makes running around town or traveling much more convenient. This very smart, one-of-a-kind baby formula bottle is so expertly designed, it can be filled in advance and mixed at feeding time.

It’s also wonderful for middle of the night feedings. Baby’s hungry and must be fed. Having to wake all the way up to fix a bottle is an exhausting but necessary fact of this new life. Insert Mixie Baby, you can leave it right on the night stand, ready to mix and use.

Tiny Love Into the Forest™ Musical Nature Stroll


For parents on-the-go, we absolutely love the Into the Forest™ Musical Nature Stroll. It easily clamps on to the stroller making morning/evening walks a lot easier. Not only is it visually stimulating for younger babies, as they get older, it helps the babies’ developing senses and hand control.

  • 7 baby-activated toys offer plenty of fun on-the-go while putting development at babies fingertips and encouraging fine motor skills.
  • Electronic bird toy plays 4 different tunes and can be activated by baby.
  • Designed for two stages of development: sensory exploration (0m+) and cause & effect learning (5m+).
  • Flexible arch easily adjusts to fit baby’s age and playing preferences.

Tiny Love Meadow Days™ 4-in-1 Here I Grow Mobile Activity Center


The 4 in 1 Here I Grow Mobile Activity Center is an activity center that can go anywhere with you thanks to its portability. I truly feel this is an activity center that every parent needs for their child for so many reasons. Babies can use as a:

  1. Stationary activity center – Baby explores the fun selection of activities and toys on the 360 degree rotating seat, playing with 5 adorable toys while honing skills and abilities.
  2. Jumper – For some fun and muscle strengthening pastime, let baby enjoy the bouncy jumper mode.
  3. Walker – Gently supports baby’s developing gross motor skills that will eventually turn your crawler into a walker.
  4. Walk behind/push along – When babies take their first steps, the push behind mode is a fun and useful way to support this gross motor skills milestone.

It’s the perfect activity center to not only keep in the house, but to take with you on road trips, visiting friends and family, for use on the patio, or anywhere where your little one may need to be entertained.

You can watch the 4 in 1 Here I Grow Mobile Activity Center in action on our Facebook Live video HERE or read our review HERE.