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As a mom, I am always looking for little fun ways to get my kids into the holiday spirit. In our home, the month of December is filled with decorating the Christmas tree, playing holiday music and making fun holiday foods! These reindeer pancakes are at the top of my son’s list, (or as my son calls them, “deer deer cakes”)  These couldn’t be easier to make and they always put a smile on Reece’s face. Be sure to try this one for a kid-friendly breakfast filled with the holiday spirit!



    • Your favorite pancake mix
    • pretzels (don’t use the pretzel rods, get the small pretzels that are actually shaped like pretzels)
    • white icing
    • brown and red M&Ms
    • metal, heart-shaped cookie cutter


Step 1. Mix pancake mix according to instructions. Spray a griddle with cooking spray and heat until spray starts to bubble up.

Step 2. Place heart-shaped cookie cutter on griddle and pour a thin layer of pancake batter into the cookie cutter.

Step 3. Cook until batter starts to bubble and flip both the entire pancake and cookie cutter to brown the other side.  (pancake should just fall to the bottom of the cookie cutter to brown, but if it doesn’t, just slightly press down on pancake to make sure it is touching the hot griddle).

Step 4. Once you are sure pancake will hold shape, you may remove cookie cutter. Be sure to use a hot pad because it will be hot.

Step 5. Once browned on both sides, place pancake on a plate (the heart will be upside down). Use both pretzels to make ears and put two drops of white icing in the pancake for the eyes. Place two brown M&Ms on the white icing to finish the eyes and place a red M&M at the bottom of the heart for the nose.