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Congratulations, you are pregnant! This is a time of such joy in a parent’s life, but it can certainly have its trials. Pregnancy can be hard on your body, but it can be hard emotionally as well. So many things are changing—your body, your lifestyle, and there is the fear of the unknown. Pregnancy is a time to connect with fellow supportive mom friends who will encourage you and help you get through your experience with ease.

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Unfortunately, not everyone understands that you should be positive when chatting with an expecting mom. I am currently in the third trimester with my second child and I’m always shocked as to how many interesting comments I receive! Most people really do mean well and don’t even realize they just said something that might not be nice to say to an expecting mom. Call it the hormones, but in good fun I thought I would create a list of the things that people should just not say to a pregnant lady!

10 Things You Should Never Say to an Expecting Mom:

“Wow, you look ready to pop; when are you due again?” If there is one thing that expecting moms don’t need to be reminded of, it’s of how big they are getting! It is hard for many women to accept gaining weight, so the better thing to say is “Wow, you look absolutely radiant.”

“Don’t you think another name might be more appropriate for your baby?” My husband and I went through this a few times before we learned our lesson and decided to seal our lips on our name choices. Everyone has different opinions on names, so it is best to just say something nice about the name your friend has chosen for her baby.

“Let me tell you about my horror story birth.” I never understood why moms always felt the need to tell me about their birthing horror stories when I was just weeks away from going through it myself! If you had a horrific birth, please keep your story to yourself and try to share something that was nice about your experience, like being able to hold your baby for the first time.

“I am sure your body will bounce back in no time. After all, if Jessica Alba can do it, so can you!” Please, don’t ever say this to a pregnant woman! Let’s face it, celebrities have the advantage of personal trainers and nutritionists so it is not likely that the average mom will lose the weight as quickly. In reality it takes nine months to put on the weight and nine months to take it off. It is best to not even talk about weight loss with a pregnant woman at all.

“Want to go out for a drink?” Your expecting mom friend can’t enjoy her favorite cocktail right now and she certainly doesn’t want to watch you enjoy yours. Offer to go out for a cup of tea or a snack instead.

“Are you sure you are not carrying two in there?” I have unfortunately gotten this comment a few times and it certainly doesn’t feel good to hear. It is best to never talk to a pregnant mom about how big you think she is—trust me, she is quite aware of her large belly.

“Get as much sleep as you can now because you won’t get any when the baby comes!” This advice isn’t helpful; it’s not like you can bank your sleep. Pregnant moms don’t need any reminders on how little sleep they will be getting in the near future.

“Can I touch your belly?” This is territory that is best not entered with an expecting mom. She will feel bad if she tells you no, but odds are, she prefers it if you keep your hands to yourself.

“Wow, you sure are eating for two.” Never, ever comment on how much an expecting mom is eating. An expecting mom needs to take in more calories—let her be the judge as to how much food she needs to eat.

“Enjoy (insert activity) while you still can.” I was never a fan of this comment when I was expecting my first-born. It made me feel like my life was ending and I wouldn’t be able to do anything fun again. Sure, life changes drastically, but parents are eventually able to do the things they enjoy again. Life doesn’t end just because you are having a baby!

Expecting moms, I am sure many of you can relate to this list! Just remember, pregnancy is only nine months and you will get your body back again. Then, all you will hear about is how adorable your baby is!