Get Upside Down With A Dairy Queen Blizzard!

I participated in an Influencer Activation on behalf of Influence Central for Dairy Queen. I received a product sample and promotional item to thank me for my participation.

Get Upside Down with DairyQueen

The weather is getting warmer, and warm weather means more cool treats with your family. We love to eat an early dinner and go out for a special dessert with our kids every once in a while. It’s fun little things like that that help us to create lasting memories with our boys. My oldest loves to go to his Grandpa’s favorite ice cream spot, Dairy Queen. [Read more…]

9 Ways PMS is Like Pregnancy

I don’t know if your PMS is like mine but I swear every month right before aunt flow rears her ugly head, I am stricken with this paranoia that I am pregnant, even before I am late. Earlier this week, as I was talking to my pregnant best friend and PMSing at the same time I realized that my symptoms are totally like being pregnant! No wonder why I am paranoid every single month.

Seriously PMS, knock it off. Stop tricking me into thinking I am pregnant.

At least with pregnancy I get a beautiful human being out of it. With you I get to be uncomfortable for 5 days while rockin’ my grandma panties. Sexy, I know. Seriously though, if you were to look up signs of PMS, it starts to sound an awful lot like pregnancy.

Here are 9 ways PMS is like Pregnancy

PMS and Pregnancy
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We Love the Zoku Quick Pop Maker!


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We Love the Zoku Quick Pop Maker!

 We are so excited over the Zoku Quick Pop Maker, it is marvelous! Mix it, pour it, twist it and pop it. It’s just that good. I cannot even begin to tell you how much fun we have had with the Zoku, but I can show you!

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The Zoku Quick Pop maker makes popsicles in 10 minutes! That’s pretty impressive if you ask me, and I have a system down. While preparing dinner I also prepare the juice for our popsicles so by the time my children are done with their meal they can have a treat. The wonderful thing about popsicles, is no matter the flavor, it always feels like dessert!

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Liam eating our gummy bear lemonade Zoku Pop!

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Duh tee’s and hats made over at Rachel and Groms

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