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This post brought to you by Lauren:
Oh the joys of breastfeeding your baby in public!
I always envy moms that can successfully breastfeed in public. They look so graceful doing it, like a pro. What breastfeeding class did they sign up for? I sure missed out.
Take a look at me out in public and I am a hot mess. Look closer, sometimes I sweat a little. It isn’t fair that I have a wiggly five-month-old under a nursing cover and his two-year-old brother who thinks it’s time to play hide and seek with his little brother the second I begin nursing.
There are a lot of things that go through my mind when I have to nurse in public. Nursing moms are always criticized for feeding in public and it can make you feel like you’re doing something wrong. That issue doesn’t bother me much, because frankly I think most teenage girls show more skin than what a mother nursing her baby shows. My biggest fear is that I’ll expose my not-so-perfect post-partum mommy belly when I go to lift up my shirt to feed my son. You know, the one with rolls and purple stretch marks?

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