Boppy Offers FREE Daily Burn Subscriptions

Boppy is a beloved company around here. The products they make are classic and helpful for all moms! The Boppy Pillow is a must have on my new-mom list because of it’s perfect positioning for feeding, as well as it’s many uses beyond feeding baby. I love that it not only is a huge help for tired arms while feeding baby, it is great for setting baby in to sit, PERFECT for tummy time training, and a helpful guide for when baby is starting to sit!Boppy Pillow Daily BurnBoppy understands that getting that pre-baby body back is a high priority for new moms, that’s why their award-winning Boppy infant support pillow is teaming with Daily Burn to support mom as well! [Read more…]

Munchkin LATCH Makes Breast to Bottle Transition Smooth

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We are proud to be partnering with our sponsor Munchkin to bring you this post.

Munchkin LATCH

I am currently breastfeeding my third child. With the first two, I introduced the bottle early on and pumped often to keep an extra supply on hand and allow others to help with feeding them. This time around, I took a different approach. I did introduce a bottle early on, but I’m not pumping nearly as much as I did with my first two, and Charlie has really only used a bottle twice in his 9 weeks of life.

Things are understandably hectic in my house, and while I love nursing on demand exclusively it’s becoming more and more clear that I need to pump and use bottles more often to help me to get more into a routine. Nursing on demand is easy enough, but it’s so hard to keep up with two other children’s routines when baby needs to eat right when I start dinner or get ready to leave to take my oldest to school. I knew it was time to start using bottles more [Read more…]

Bebe Au Lait Introduces A Nursing Pillow

Bebe au Lait, makers of out favorite nursing covers and swaddle blankets has just come out with a brand new nursing pillow that moms are sure to love! Created by a nursing mom, the Bébé au Lait Nursing Pillow puts baby at optimum height to promote a better latch.

BebeauLait Pillow in Hospital

The Nursing Pillow has an open shape for a better fit for all moms [Read more…]

Breastfeeding Awareness Month Bundle Giveaway!


Happy Breastfeeding Awareness Month! We love to support all of our mamas, and since this month is about raising awareness about breastfeeding babies we are teaming up with some of our most favorite companies who make products for nursing moms to host an amazing giveaway! Whether practical or fun, these products are made with the breastfeeder in mind and they are all included in our bundle giveaway!

Breastfeeding Giveaway

[Read more…]

From Breast To Formula: My Journey With Allergies and Sensitivities

From Breast To Formula dealing with allergies and sensitivities

Let me get real with you all right now. It’s something we love about our jobs here at Simply Real Moms…when we have an issue, we talk about it. We get it off of our chests in hopes that another mother won’t feel the way we did because she read this and was prepared for whatever it is we’re sharing about.

Today I want to talk about pride. Pride as a mother.

I gave birth to my second son after a long list of little problems. Nothing ever life threatening or bad but just annoying or painful problems. He was gorgeous, but from the first time I nursed him I knew something was different. I had nursed my first son with no issues (other than supply problems when I went on birth control) for 12 months. Seriously. No issues. So when my second latched on and I was in pain I figured that maybe I was due a little issue here and there since I had it so easy before! [Read more…]