Must Have Free Apps for Breastfeeding Moms!

Must Have FREE Apps for Breastfeeding Moms 640x640 Must Have Free Apps for Breastfeeding Moms!Breastfeeding can bring both joys and challenges, especially in the early days. Always wondering things such as when was the last time I fed the baby? Did I start on the right or the left side last time? What medication is safe to take? Luckily, there are free breastfeeding apps to help out moms and we’ve got the best ones all in one place! Check out the best free breastfeeding apps for the iPhone out there:Screen Shot 2014 03 16 at 8.14.55 AM Must Have Free Apps for Breastfeeding Moms!

iBabyLog : Baby Breastfeeding Timer, Nursing Tracker and Sleep, Diaper, Activities Log

Download the app HERE

iBabyLog is an easy to use utility tool for sharing with other caregivers and tracking a baby’s activity, feedings, sleep, diaper changes and many more.
Sharing : Securely share data with your spouse, friends and other caregivers. Based on the permissions, each caregiver can add/modify entries for the baby. [Read more...]

Dr Brown’s Gia Pillow Giveaway

IMG 3882 640x571 Dr Browns Gia Pillow Giveaway

We told you last week about the awesome feeding pillow from Dr Borwns-the Gia Angled Feeding Pillow, and today we are giving once away to one of you!

This pillow has been great for us in our house, and hopefully it will be for you as well! The winner will receive one Dr. Brown’s Gia Pillow and the cover of their choice (see below for cover choices).

Screen shot 2014 01 15 at 5.34.42 PM Dr Browns Gia Pillow Giveaway Dr Browns Gia Pillow Dr Browns Gia Pillow Giveaway Gia Pillow Covers Dr Browns Gia Pillow Giveaway

CLICK HERE to find out what makes this pillow so unique!

Enter below, Contest ends January 26, 2014

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Gia Breastfeeding Pillow By Dr. Browns

IMG 3882 640x571 Gia Breastfeeding Pillow By Dr. Browns

Let’s talk about a feeding staple nowadays: the nursing pillow. Whether you are breastfeeding or formula feeding, having the perfect pillow to position your baby comfortably just makes feeding a better experience. I have been feeding babies for a long time-first as a nanny, now as a mom and I have been all about making sure that not only are you using a nursing pillow for comfort, but also making sure to position the baby at an angle with their head raised for better digestion and to reduce reflux. Well wouldn’t you know it, Dr. Browns (who makes the most awesome bottles and more!) has fixed the problem I had of using an extra pillow or manuvering my legs to make sure the pillow kept baby in the best feeding position-the Gia Angled Breastfeeding Pillow. [Read more...]

Kiinde Twist Direct Pump Breastmilk System

Kiinde Twist System 640x426 Kiinde Twist Direct Pump Breastmilk System

I recently had my second son, and while nursing my first son came easy to me and I had absolutely no issues, this second time around has been a different story. This little guy was born with a tongue tie (that flap of skin under your tongue is attached more than normal) which made breastfeeding excruciating. I mean, toe curling pain every time he would latch on. I had to pump milk exclusively to save my sanity and keep him fed.

Pumping exclusively is hard work, and it is quite a process: pumping, transferring to bags, freezing, thawing, warming, transferring to bottle, feeding, washing the bottle…start again.

Well breastfeeding moms, take note. We have a wonderful system to share with you that makes pumping a breeze! [Read more...]

Kiinde Twist Gift Set Giveaway

The holidays are here, and we are just full of fun giveaways for you! Today, we are giving away something pretty cool for you breastfeeding mamas!!

A Kiinde Twist Gift Set!!! Haven’t heard of the Kiinde Twist system?

Kiinde Direct Pump Breastfeeding System 640x249 Kiinde Twist Gift Set Giveaway

Pump, store, organize, warm, and feed using the same pouch! The Kiinde Twist™ system completely eliminates the need to transfer precious milk from bottles to bags and back again! Using the included Direct-Pump™ adapters, Twist Pouches™ twist-lock onto pumps from all major brands, for leak-free, transfer-free pumping, directly into the pouch. [Read more...]