What I Wasn’t Told About Postpartum Life

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PostPartum Life

When you are pregnant for the first time, there is a train of information coming at you all about your baby. How to prepare for the delivery, what to take to the hospital, the essentials that you need when baby comes home, and lots and lots and lots of gear to choose from. Something that’s not really talked about too much? You, in all your postpartum glory. I don’t know if veteran moms are worried that we might scare our childless friends out of wanting children should they hear of the things you go through in the weeks following childbirth or if they’re simply too embarrassed to talk about it, but I am here to let it all out.

I am an open book to most people I meet. If you have a question, I will answer it with no reserve and definitely not sugar coated. I’ve been told by a few of my friends who are contemplating having children that they appreciate my transparency and honesty because they feel they are informed and ready to tackle parenthood and pregnancy when it happens. Why do I do this? Because in my first pregnancy and into postpartum, I would go through something crazy or confusing and mention it to a friend with kids or my mom and get “Oh yeah, I totally went through that. It sucked.” Which is great to hear (Yay! I’m not the only one!) but for me it’s frustrating because I’m a planner. [Read more…]

The Sisterhood of Motherhood: No More Mom Shaming

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Whether you are a new mom or an experienced mom, motherhood is hard. There are struggles we all face while raising children, and we need to empower one another instead of putting each other down. Check out this video from Similac that highlights the true Sisterhood of Motherhood:

When I had my oldest son almost 9 years ago, online mom groups were nonexistent. I went to friends and relatives for information and advice. So years later when I had my youngest, online forums were a popular way to meet other moms who were experiencing similar frustrations and joys as yourself.  Thanks to these mom forums, I was able to make some incredible friendships and retain knowledgeable information that has helped me in raising my children.


However, with access to these types of forums and virtual social sites, I have personally seen moms putting each other down. In fact, mom-shaming has seemed to increase. What’s really upsetting is instead of moms being there for one another and showing compassion, they are being bullies, making topics that could be informational to one another, topics moms don’t want to discuss.

Some of these topics include: [Read more…]

Boppy Offers FREE Daily Burn Subscriptions

Boppy is a beloved company around here. The products they make are classic and helpful for all moms! The Boppy Pillow is a must have on my new-mom list because of it’s perfect positioning for feeding, as well as it’s many uses beyond feeding baby. I love that it not only is a huge help for tired arms while feeding baby, it is great for setting baby in to sit, PERFECT for tummy time training, and a helpful guide for when baby is starting to sit!Boppy Pillow Daily BurnBoppy understands that getting that pre-baby body back is a high priority for new moms, that’s why their award-winning Boppy infant support pillow is teaming with Daily Burn to support mom as well! [Read more…]

Munchkin LATCH Makes Breast to Bottle Transition Smooth

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Munchkin LATCH

I am currently breastfeeding my third child. With the first two, I introduced the bottle early on and pumped often to keep an extra supply on hand and allow others to help with feeding them. This time around, I took a different approach. I did introduce a bottle early on, but I’m not pumping nearly as much as I did with my first two, and Charlie has really only used a bottle twice in his 9 weeks of life.

Things are understandably hectic in my house, and while I love nursing on demand exclusively it’s becoming more and more clear that I need to pump and use bottles more often to help me to get more into a routine. Nursing on demand is easy enough, but it’s so hard to keep up with two other children’s routines when baby needs to eat right when I start dinner or get ready to leave to take my oldest to school. I knew it was time to start using bottles more [Read more…]