Bebe Au Lait Introduces A Nursing Pillow

Bebe au Lait, makers of out favorite nursing covers and swaddle blankets has just come out with a brand new nursing pillow that moms are sure to love! Created by a nursing mom, the Bébé au Lait Nursing Pillow puts baby at optimum height to promote a better latch.

BebeauLait Pillow in Hospital

The Nursing Pillow has an open shape for a better fit for all moms [Read more…]

Breastfeeding Awareness Month Bundle Giveaway!


Happy Breastfeeding Awareness Month! We love to support all of our mamas, and since this month is about raising awareness about breastfeeding babies we are teaming up with some of our most favorite companies who make products for nursing moms to host an amazing giveaway! Whether practical or fun, these products are made with the breastfeeder in mind and they are all included in our bundle giveaway!

Breastfeeding Giveaway

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From Breast To Formula: My Journey With Allergies and Sensitivities

From Breast To Formula dealing with allergies and sensitivities

Let me get real with you all right now. It’s something we love about our jobs here at Simply Real Moms…when we have an issue, we talk about it. We get it off of our chests in hopes that another mother won’t feel the way we did because she read this and was prepared for whatever it is we’re sharing about.

Today I want to talk about pride. Pride as a mother.

I gave birth to my second son after a long list of little problems. Nothing ever life threatening or bad but just annoying or painful problems. He was gorgeous, but from the first time I nursed him I knew something was different. I had nursed my first son with no issues (other than supply problems when I went on birth control) for 12 months. Seriously. No issues. So when my second latched on and I was in pain I figured that maybe I was due a little issue here and there since I had it so easy before! [Read more…]

Must Have Free Apps for Breastfeeding Moms!

Must Have FREE Apps for Breastfeeding MomsBreastfeeding can bring both joys and challenges, especially in the early days. Always wondering things such as when was the last time I fed the baby? Did I start on the right or the left side last time? What medication is safe to take? Luckily, there are free breastfeeding apps to help out moms and we’ve got the best ones all in one place! Check out the best free breastfeeding apps for the iPhone out there:Screen Shot 2014-03-16 at 8.14.55 AM

iBabyLog : Baby Breastfeeding Timer, Nursing Tracker and Sleep, Diaper, Activities Log

Download the app HERE

iBabyLog is an easy to use utility tool for sharing with other caregivers and tracking a baby’s activity, feedings, sleep, diaper changes and many more.
Sharing : Securely share data with your spouse, friends and other caregivers. Based on the permissions, each caregiver can add/modify entries for the baby. [Read more…]

Dr Brown’s Gia Pillow Giveaway

Gia Breastfeeding Pillow

We told you last week about the awesome feeding pillow from Dr Borwns-the Gia Angled Feeding Pillow, and today we are giving once away to one of you!

This pillow has been great for us in our house, and hopefully it will be for you as well! The winner will receive one Dr. Brown’s Gia Pillow and the cover of their choice (see below for cover choices).

Screen shot 2014-01-15 at 5.34.42 PM Dr Browns Gia Pillow Gia Pillow Covers

CLICK HERE to find out what makes this pillow so unique!

Enter below, Contest ends January 26, 2014

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