Snip Snap The Coupon App: How I Have Saved Hundreds of Dollars!

I am pretty sure my husband is considering leaving me because all he hears me say lately is “Snip Snap, the Coupon App”! Catchy, huh? But if you ask my husband he would say it is highly annoying!

Even though he may be annoyed by my constant chanting the name of this app, he is quite pleased by the amount of money I have saved us because of this app. I just download this app two weeks ago and I have already saved more than $200 with it!

I LOVE to coupon, but now that I have two kids, it’s hard for me to keep all of my coupons organized, and I cannot tell you how many times I have forgotten them at home. Snip Snap the Coupon App allows you to use your iPhone to take pictures of each coupon and it conveniently organizes and stores it for you until you are ready to redeem it. Once you arrive at the checkout counter, just show the cashier the bar code, he/she will scan it and you will receive your discount. It’s that simple!

Another feature I love about this app is that it keeps track of other coupons that other app users are using and it allows you to also clip and use their coupons. For example, last weekend I received a 15-percent off coupon for Kohl’s in the mail  but I found another app user that had clipped a 30-percent off coupon and I was able to use that coupon instead, and I saved an extra 15 percent! I also found another $10-off coupon on the app, and Kohl’s let me combine the two to knock another $10 off the price. I have also found Starbucks coupons and several hard to find 30-40 percent off coupons to some of my favorite retail stores.

Here’s How the App Works:

1.  Take a picture of any coupon you want to use.

2. Organize your coupons and pick your favorites. Don’t forget, you can also use other coupons that other app users have saved too!

3. You will get pop-up reminders of coupons that you need to use before they expire.

4. Go shopping and redeem your coupon!

Snip Snap the Coupon App mostly offers retail and restaurant coupons but I did just read that they are working with stores to allow manufacturer coupons as well. Before this holiday season, be sure to download this app here to save your family A LOT of money and keep an eye out for any updates that allow manufacturer coupons!

*I did not receive any compensation for this app review. I personally own and love this app!


  1. Marcie robinson says

    Carolyn-they are working on an update for manufacturers coupons! They are working hard to get grocery stores to accept them and they hope to be able to have this feature in the next year. Most retail stores accept them, but it is up to the individual store. There is a unique feature on the app that shows the success rate of each coupon so you can see which stores are accepting them! :)

    • Rebecca says

      And the reason why a lot of grocery stores won’t accept them is because the coupons are invalidated once you take a picture of them with this app.

      All coupons have fine print that says they are INVALID once copied. And this is a copy of them. Therefore, these coupons are fraudulent and you are stealing from stores.

  2. Rebecca says

    I’d just like to point out that this app completely invalidates the coupons that you are taking pictures of and anyone who uses them is committing coupon fraud.

    Stores that accept them are totally naive to this factor. Because coupons that have long since expired can be passed around and around for several months and used over and over.

    These are NOT valid coupons. You are basically STEALING from all the stores that you use these at.

    • Kimberlee McIntyre says

      They have expiration dates on them. Yes they do get passed around but doesn’t paper-less couponing seem better for the environment?

  3. says

    Rebecca, you are right that most grocery stores aren’t really cooperating with this type of couponing just yet but they are working with them to try to offer this feature soon.I think SnipSnap mostly focuses on retail and restaurant coupons. I am sure if you contacted them, they could help give you any information you need to help clarify things! Thanks for posting and sharing!

  4. Kayla says

    Tried to use my SnipSnap App at Victoria’s Secret today and the manager told me the coupons weren’t valid because “they were just a bunch of pictures of coupons” and that “the only coupons they accept are from the actual website”. Bummer :( I was so disappointed!

    • Kimberlee McIntyre says

      Not true, my boss got 2 free pairs on victoria secret undies in 2 days at the same store. I think either the manager didn’t want to take them or was just being rude because they DO IN FACT WORK.

  5. Marlene Gutzmer says

    We tried to use coupons at our McDonalds and they said they dont take online coupons, only paper ones.

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