How To Clean Hard Water and Soap Scum Off Your Glass Shower

I have a nasty confession to make.

My shower glass is COVERED with hard water residue and soap scum.

But I just can’t seem to get it to come off!

I have honestly Googled all the remedies and tried them all—dryer sheets, vinegar and baking soda, lemon oil, vodka … ok, well the last one wasn’t a remedy for my shower glass. I spent a few Saturdays in my shower completely drenched in sweat, desperately trying to renew the crystal-clear glass! Nothing. Nothing at all worked.

So last weekend when I was cleaning my bathtub, I decided to try some of my bathtub cleaning products on the glass in different spots to see if any worked.


I have an answer!

My Glass went from looking like this

To Looking like this!!!

What? You say that there’s no glass there?! You’ve just been duped by my amazing cleaning skills, friends!

Want to know how I did it?

I sprayed a one to two square foot space with Original Scrubbing Bubbles, let it sit for about 15-30 seconds, or until it starts to drip down and the bubbles aren’t seeming to scrub anymore. Then, take a scrub brush with bristles (I bought mine at Target for a few bucks) and start scrubbing in a circular motion with a little pressure. Watch the stains completely disappear! To keep it going in a timely manner, spray the next patch of space you will clean just as you start to scrub. By the time you finish scrubbing, it will be time to scrub the next area!

Once you get all of the drip stains off, go back over the glass with a good glass cleaner and make that thing sparkle!

For an added barrier, rub on some lemon oil after cleaning it (Lemon Pledge does the job!) and the oil will help repel the water from your glass!

Here’s a picture I took after finishing the left side of the glass, before cleaning the right.

It did take me about an hour to clean the glass, but now we are using a squeegee (I KNOW. We should have done that from the get go!) and I am vowing to keep it stain free from now on. Or until I get lazy.


*I was not compensated for mentioning the products used in this post. 


  1. Max says

    I’m a “son” and I must say that this worked in my bathroom. And I tend not to clean stuff properly… this is fantastic!

  2. Kolleen Dohermann says

    Rain-X works wells on shower doors after you’ve done the cleaning. It lets the water run off while in there. Still need to use a squeegee when you are done and repeat with the Rain-x monthly or quarterly. I have heard great things about scrubbing bubbles and that it’s also great for the toilet in lieu of a pumice stone which will scratch the porcelain and ruin the glaze inviting even more stain in. Oopsie!

  3. Tek Raj timalsina says

    Hmm your bathroom tiles as you can see in the second pic are very dirty. Now you need to find a way to clean those dirty grouts.

  4. R says

    Spray bottle with vinegar and some blue Dawn works very well too. Spray, sit, rub around before it dries. Rinse and done.

    Be sure well ventilated area. Can spray , leave room, let dry and come back and use wet cloth. That works too.

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