Honest Company Diapers Bundle Giveaway

In this day and age, there are so many options for diapering your child. Do you use disposable for the convenience? Do you Cloth Diaper to be eco-friendly?

What if you could do BOTH? Have the ease and convenience of a disposable diaper, but add in the eco-friendly factor?

Well, then you would have The Honest Company‘s Diapers!


The Honest Company is founded by Jessica Alba and Christopher Gavigan based on a need for safe family friendly non-toxic products that ACTUALLY work without any harsh chemicals. They carry items for household cleaning, babies and skin and all are plant based, biodegradable, and perfectly safe for ALL of your family members.

Here’s what they have to say about their company:

On top of being eco-friendly and safe, The Honest diapers are absolutely adorable. You can choose your pattern to keep your little one’s bum just as stylish as their clothes (because let’s keep it real…kiddos LOVE to run around with no pants on), and my son has already declared that if he has a baby sister one day, she will wear the pink stars! Gotta love that these little diaper designs are fresh, hip and fun!

Here’s what we love about the Honest Diapers:

  • Naturally biodegradable & pure plant-based PLA in the inner & outer sheet (NO petrochemicals/oil)
  • Bio-based wheat / corn super-absorbent materials blended with reduced SAP gel
  • Choose from a growing selection of modern & fashionable design options for your girl or boy
  • Secure moisture barrier cuffs to prevent leakage or blowouts
  • Comfortable stretchy, re-fastenable grip tabs
  • Contoured fit & non-irritating feel for the most sensitive skin
  • Premium fit & performance, completely safe, and super-cute designs definitely not your standard white diaper
As if you need another reason to love these diapers, they deliver them straight to your door! No need to make a run to the store with your kids, Honest Company will deliver all of your Honest Products to your door on schedule so that you never run out. Talk about convenience!

Want something even MORE convenient?!

What if we said we would give you FREE Honest Company Diapers…for a MONTH?!

That’s right! The amazing folks at The Honest Company want to give one of our readers an Honest Diapers Bundle, which includes about a month’s worth of diapers! WOW.

All you need to do is enter below!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

We will choose a winner after the giveaway closes on September 11th at midnight EST.


  1. Danielle K. says

    I’ve actually been interested in trying these ever since the company launched, thanks for this giveaway! I LOVE the pink stars print!

  2. Tiffany says

    my little man loves the skulls! i think he likes seeing anything with a face, hehe. not to mention the design fits our little family’s overall aesthetic.

  3. Erin Reed says

    We would love to try a months worth of Eco friendly disposables! Plus, we have a new baby coming in November, and could use all of the help we can get with two little ones in diapers! Love it!

  4. Becca Frank says

    I love the anchor diapers! With a little boy now, and another little boy due any day I would love to win this giveaway! Thank you for the chance to win!

  5. Nicole says

    I love the concept! I have used the discovery kit and now just waiting on my family budget to come together so i can purchase :)

  6. Jorjie says

    The only disposable that is safe for baby girl, very sad that we just used the last in our stash and I am unable to order more for a couple more months.

  7. anneli says

    I love the Honest Company! My 6.5 month old baby girl wears a different one with each diaper change, and this month I decided to get one of each design just to switch it up. My favorite is the ice-cream/lollipops design, but she really rocks the skulls ; )

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