Hard Rock Hotel Cancun: All-Inclusive, Family-Friendly Resort

About once a year our family plans to take a vacation. Getting the chance to have uninterrupted family time is something I look forward to. With the kids in school and a husband who works long hours, quality family time just doesn’t seem to happen often enough. This year we wanted to do something extra special for the kids and take them somewhere they’ve never been before, somewhere tropical, and somewhere international. Having recently traveled to Cancun with my husband, we fell in love with the atmosphere of Cancun and knew it would be the perfect destination for our family. Finding an international resort that is family-friendly is not always an easy task and there are some things to consider as a parent. Does the resort offer a kid’s club? Does the resort have a kid’s pool? Is there an option for a family suite? Do the restaurants have a dress code? Have you checked travel review sites to see if reviewers listed it as “good for kids”? While these may seem like insignificant questions, they can play a huge part into making sure your kids are welcomed at the resort by not just the staff, but other vacationers as … Continue reading Hard Rock Hotel Cancun: All-Inclusive, Family-Friendly Resort