Happy Hour: Cherry Vodka Lemonade

Cherry Vodka LemonadeLemonade is the perfect drink for the Spring and Summer months, mix it with my favorite vodka, and you are in for a real treat. This Cherry Vodka Lemonade is hands down, my go-to drink. It’s easy, refreshing and incredibly good!


2 Parts Simply Lemonade
1 Part Three Olives Cherry Vodka
A squeeze of lemon
Lemon Slice

Mixing the Drink:

Pour ingredients into a shaker, shake and pour into a mason jar.
Garnish with a lemon slice.

Notes:  My mother-in-law has been making this drink for a few years now and it is, without a doubt, the BEST drink I have ever had. If you decide to make it, please let me know what you think!


  1. says

    This drink is AMAZING!! It’s so simple, and so refreshing!! Thanks to Jasmine for introducing me to it!! We even added a little grenadine for color!!

    • says

      You are so welcome! Your site is awesome!

      I could go for one right about now as well. 😉 Maybe I’ll pick up the ingredients this weekend. It never lasts long in my house. haha :)

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