DIY Spray Paint Flower Art—Easy AND Cheap!

Looking for cheap and easy wall art that you can do in under a half hour? I have the perfect project for you! Try spray painting flower art and have unique artwork for your home.

I want to preface this post by describing how “un-crafty” I am. I cannot draw, sew, knit … heck, I can barely color and stay inside the lines. So, when I say that this project is easy to do, I mean it is E.A.S.Y!

Materials Needed:

    • A piece of art board, paper or canvas (I used art board because I wanted to frame and matte my pictures later).
    • Spray paint with the color of your choice
    • Rubber gloves (if you want to avoid getting paint on your hands)
    • Flowers from your garden or fake flowers from a hobby store (flowers that can lay flat on your picture will work best)

Spray Paint Flower Art How To:

Step 1. Place art board on a flat surface (either in your garage or outside). I chose to do it out in my yard so I didn’t get paint on anything else.

Step 2: Lay flowers or leaves flat on board and put rubber gloves on.

Step 3: While holding the bottom part of the flower, start to spray paint the picture from top to bottom. Be careful to spray straight onto the board (not on an angle).

Step 4: Spray paint all the way down, being careful to move your hand out of the way without moving the flower at all.

Here is another flower picture I did:

Step 5: Let dry for a couple of minutes, remove flower and let the picture finish drying for about 15 minutes.

*It is best with this project to only spray one coat of paint in the picture. It’s hard to keep the flower exactly in place and you will want to make sure the flower shows a clear outline—spray painting another coat would take some of that clear outline away.

When finished, frame your picture or if you used canvas, you could just hang it wherever you like!

Here is the finished product of the leaves picture:


And here is a framed picture of my roses:

See, I told you that was easy!  I barely put any time into these and I cannot believe how many compliments I get on them when I have company come over. It’s a great way to have original artwork in your home without having to be too “artsy” to get it!




  1. Susan says

    For teachers: I’ve done this project with severely handicapped kiddos. First we went on a little science hike to collect different leaves etc.( this can be skipped and you can just bring in cutting) Over the years I found rose, bamboo,pine, and fern lay down best. Then have the kids pick and lay them out on a black piece of construction paper. They stand way back ( always do this part outside) and teacher sprays with gold spray paint. They dry immediately. Everyone loves these. Our school office asked our kids to make some for them and everyone comments and enjoys the finished project!

  2. Julz says

    Great idea for statement pieces on the cheap! And you need to add that you’re neither a gardener or a botanist. Those are tulips🌷 In the second picture, not roses🌹!

  3. Chiara says

    Where did you purchase the art boards? How did you manage to “matte” your art boards? The final product looks very beautiful!

  4. Jaglady says

    I don’t understand how you painted the leaves without the paint going all over the red. I would love to do this but I guess I’m not quite getting it.

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