10 Reasons We Love Ko’Olina in Oahu

My in-laws have been visiting Ko’Olina for over 8 years now. Since they are time share owners at the Marriott, they vacation there every other year and sometimes we are blessed to come with them. We have taken both our children there once they turned two years old and by far, it is one of my favorite locations in Oahu.

Here are 10 reasons we love Ko’Olina:

Man-made swimming coves are perfect for keeping the waves out.

Hawaii 2008 020 640x426 10 Reasons We Love KoOlina in Oahu
Non crowded beaches (This is where locals come).

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Sunsets are truly breathtaking. [Read more...]

Experiencing The Ancient Mayan Ruins At Tulum

The Hard Rock Hotel in Cancun couldn’t have been a more perfect location for our family vacation. If you haven’t read my review on the all-inclusive resort, please check it out. There’s not much that can beat our stay there, but we decided to venture out and experience the culture of Mexico.

The Hard Rock Hotel offers a setlist of world-class tours that are sure to make your stay that much more unforgettable. Tours include:


While the resort offers these tours, they are not included in you initial cost of your room. Please keep that in mind while you are planning your stay here. You can learn more about these attractions by visiting www.hrhcancun.com.

During our stay we decided to head to Tulum to learn all about the Ancient Mayan Ruins. We figured this would be educational for the kids and give our family a bigger appreciation for the history of the area in which we are vacationing at.

Ancient Mayan Ruins at Tulum 640x426 Experiencing The Ancient Mayan Ruins At Tulum

Tulum is the archaeological site of a Pre-Colombian Mayan walled city. At the time Tulum was one the most important commercial trading ports. The ruins are perched on a cliff top overlooking the Caribbean Sea; among them El Castillo “The Castle”, is one of the most impressive buildings at one time a temple and a fortress. [Read more...]

Hard Rock Hotel Cancun: All-Inclusive, Family-Friendly Resort

About once a year our family plans to take a vacation. Getting the chance to have uninterrupted family time is something I look forward to. With the kids in school and a husband who works long hours, quality family time just doesn’t seem to happen often enough. This year we wanted to do something extra special for the kids and take them somewhere they’ve never been before, somewhere tropical, and somewhere international. Having recently traveled to Cancun with my husband, we fell in love with the atmosphere of Cancun and knew it would be the perfect destination for our family.

Family Vacation 640x601 Hard Rock Hotel Cancun: All Inclusive, Family Friendly Resort

Finding an international resort that is family-friendly is not always an easy task and there are some things to consider as a parent.

  • Does the resort offer a kid’s club?
  • Does the resort have a kid’s pool?
  • Is there an option for a family suite?
  • Do the restaurants have a dress code?
  • Have you checked travel review sites to see if reviewers listed it as “good for kids”?

While these may seem like insignificant questions, they can play a huge part into making sure your kids are welcomed at the resort by not just the staff, but other vacationers as well.

For our family, the Hard Rock Hotel Cancun seemed like a perfect fit. Not only is this resort family-friendly, it is also all-inclusive, which makes traveling international with kids much easier. [Read more...]

10 Things You Need To Know Before Staying At An All-Inclusive Resort

All Incusive resort info 640x914 10 Things You Need To Know Before Staying At An All Inclusive Resort

All-inclusive resorts are becoming more and more popular while vacationing in tropical destinations. After talking with a few friends, I decided to put together a list of tips that I have learned from my own personal experiences while staying at all-inclusive resorts.

10 things you need to know before staying at an all-inclusive resort:

Pool Etiquette-  Many people come down to the pool area early to reserve their chairs before they have even showered and eaten breakfast, they want to make sure that when they are ready to come down, they will have a perfect spot to lounge for the day. So word of advice, if you are traveling to a resort during peak season, send someone down to the pool early (ie: 6-7 a.m) to claim your lounge chair. This may seem like a no brainer to some, however while at my most recent stay to the Hard Rock Hotel in Cancun I witnessed two ladies get into an argument over pool chairs. If you see a towel or any item on a pool chair, it is claimed. Even if you haven’t seen anyone occupy the chair in over 2 hours, the chair is claimed.

Child Care Services- Bringing the entire family on vacation with you? Just because you are making this a family trip, doesn’t mean you and your spouse can’t enjoy a nice meal alone together. Many resorts have kid’s clubs where you can check your child in and leave them in a fun facility that is not only safe, but the staff there truly enjoy taking care of your children and it’s free. Check with your resort ahead of time, some resorts will accept all ages, while some will only take those ages 4 and up. If you are uncomfortable leaving them in a kid’s club, you can ask the concierge about nanny services they recommend. [Read more...]

The Westin St. Francis- San Francisco Historical Hotel

Westin St. Francis1 The Westin St. Francis  San Francisco Historical Hotel

Growing up near San Francisco, I would spend weekends visiting Union Square watching the elevators from outside the historic Westin St. Francis go up and down, wondering if there were any famous celebrities or important political figures staying in the hotel. The guests staying at the hotel always seemed so happy as they walked in and out of the lobby, which intrigued me as a child. What made The Westin St. Francis such a landmark hotel?

When I had the opportunity to stay at The Westin St. Francis, memories of my childhood flashed back. I couldn’t wait to live out my childhood dreams of staying there, especially with my husband. Weekend getaways are hard to come by now that we have children, so we take full advantage when the grandparents offer to babysit.

The moment you step into the lobby of The Westin St. Francis, you are dated back to the 1900′s. This well-preserved hotel offers guests the grandeur of the past, coupled with contemporary luxury and style. An historic Magneta Grandfather Clock welcomes you along with marble columns, ornate balconies and intricate woodwork that transport guests back to the elegance of yesteryear. [Read more...]