The Dex DayDreamer Sleeper

Daydreamer Sleeper 640x978 The Dex DayDreamer Sleeper

When I had my first son I was lucky. He slept through the night at 2-3 weeks old, into his own room by 6 weeks, had no nursing/food problems and just seemed to adjust to the outside world with ease. My second? Totally. Different. Story. We knew that we had struck easy baby gold with our first and that if we had anymore that there was no way we’d strike that gold twice so we were semi prepared…except we weren’t. Immediately, I was dealing with the pain of a tongue tied baby trying to nurse the wrong way, who threw up monstrous amounts, cried every evening with colic, was up all night every night, seemed to have sensitivities to multiple foods and reflux. All of those things meant no sleep at all for either of us! By about 4 months old, things were getting worse and I was desperate. I was beyond tired with a house that was in shambles because I never got a break. I was lucky if he would take a 15 minute nap rather than a 10 minute nap, and we were up every 2 hours at night. [Read more...]

Clawz Shoes: Take a walk on the wild side!

Clawz Shoes Take a walk on the wild side 640x853 Clawz Shoes: Take a walk on the wild side!

Last summer, I had the hardest time finding a pair of go-to shoes for my son to play in outside–shoes he could wear to the playground, at the beach, in the backyard–shoes that are easy to put on and off by himself. And most importantly (to any child under the age of 5) shoes that are loved! Luckily, this year, my 3-year-old already has a favorite pair of shoes: Clawz Shoes (30% discount code at the end of the article!!!).

When Christopher’s Clawz Shoes arrived in the mail, Christopher immediately fell in love. I kid you not–he not only wore them around the house nonstop the rest of the day, he also slept in them that night! They are comfortable, easy to put on and very much loved. Christopher was anxious for the weather to warm up enough to wear them to school and show them off to all of his friends.

Screen Shot 2014 04 13 at 8.42.42 PM 640x90 Clawz Shoes: Take a walk on the wild side! [Read more...]

Happy Baby Happiest Baby Giveaway

I tend to make all my own baby food, but it’s just not as easy to take along for long trips. When we are headed out in the car or on a plane, it is really hard to bring frozen baby food and try to find a way to thaw it and feed the baby. It is much easier for me to find the next best thing which would be a baby food that is what it says it is.

Enter Happy Family Foods. We love the Happy Baby products from Happy Family because their baby food and snacks are all organic and the absolute best substitute for homemade! We had a chance to sample a bunch of their baby products and I am so proud to tell you all about them.

Happy Baby Logo 640x528 Happy Baby Happiest Baby Giveaway

Happy Family’s packaged food has little to no added ingredients. The sweet potato baby food?? Check out the ingredients: [Read more...]

Mini Boden: Fashionable Clothing For Children

Mini Boden2 640x426 Mini Boden: Fashionable Clothing For Children

After having two boys, my once love for shopping turned into a headache. I could never find clothes that were stylish for them. It seemed that most clothing companies only focused on the frilly dresses and hair bows and would throw a handful of pieces into their “boy’s selection”— or lack-thereof.

I remember sitting at work one day, going through the mail and stumbled across a Mini Boden catalog. While flipping through the book I was shocked that I found myself thinking my sons’ must have these clothes. I had never felt that way over clothing for them before and I couldn’t wait to get some outfits. So you can imagine my shock when Boden approached me and asked if they could send me some pieces to review. It was as if they read my mind and a whole new level of excitement hit me. [Read more...]

Make Clean-Up Easier With Glad Black Bags

We love throwing themed parties here at Simply Real Moms. It’s a great way to get our family and friends together and celebrate life. Just this past weekend Emily and I threw a huge Dr. Seuss celebration where we had all our friends and their children over to celebrate Dr. Seuss and his birthday.

Dr. Seuss 640x631 Make Clean Up Easier With Glad Black Bags

Like all our parties, once the kids arrive, the chaos begins. If you can imagine a storm hitting the inside of your home, that is exactly what the end of a party looks like for us. I could throw parties every weekend if it meant I didn’t have to clean up afterwards. The clean-up has to be the worst part about throwing a party. Usually my garbage can becomes overfilled and toys end up missing. While I don’t have a solution for the missing toys, I do have a solution for the trash. [Read more...]