Evenflo Symphony DXL Platinum- Where Comfort, Style and Safety Meet

Buying a car seat for children can be stressful. There are so many things to take into consideration and we all want something that is going to be top safety rated. Our family is always in the car it seems, so when it comes to buying car seats for us, there are several features that sit at the top of our list: safety, comfort, and style. We recently had a chance to put the Evenflo Symphony DXL Platinum Convertible car seat to the test with our contributor Sara’s son and here are her thoughts:

Evenflo1 640x960  Evenflo Symphony DXL Platinum  Where Comfort, Style and Safety Meet

“With my last Evenflo car sear, my daughter’s head was not supported properly and would flop around when she was asleep. I was so happy when I learned that Evenflo added extra head support that’s built right into the seat on the newer models and it works great with my son! My 16 month old son sits down in the seat and falls right to sleep due to its comfort.”

There are so many great features we love about the Evenflo Symphony DXL Platinum Convertible car seat. Here are just a few:

Outlast Technology

Evenflo is taking safety and comfort to the next level with the introduction of the Platinum Protection Series of car seats, which feature NASA-developed Outlast® technology, a temperature regulating fabric that keeps babies and toddlers comfortable during hot and cold weather. The fabric helps to ensure a safer, more peaceful ride for both mom and child and help prevent an accident from ever happening. [Read more...]

Best Pets For Families With Allergies

15 to 30 percent of the U.S. population is allergic to cats or dogs, which can be devastating to a family who wants to bring a loving pet into their home. The tug of war between dealing with itchy eyes, sneezing (or even more severe reactions) and wanting to complete your family with a furry friend can be really hard, but the Allergen All-Star Pet Awards are here to help families concerned about allergens find the perfect companion. The awards recognize the top 11 animals that produce lower allergen levels, which can often be found in pet dander, saliva and urine.

Allergy Friendly Pets 640x426 Best Pets For Families With Allergies


If you and your family were wanting to extend your family with a pet but haven’t yet due to allergies, you are in luck! The following is a great list of animals that will not only keep you company but also keep you and your family safer. [Read more...]

The Dex DayDreamer Sleeper

Daydreamer Sleeper 640x978 The Dex DayDreamer Sleeper

When I had my first son I was lucky. He slept through the night at 2-3 weeks old, into his own room by 6 weeks, had no nursing/food problems and just seemed to adjust to the outside world with ease. My second? Totally. Different. Story. We knew that we had struck easy baby gold with our first and that if we had anymore that there was no way we’d strike that gold twice so we were semi prepared…except we weren’t. Immediately, I was dealing with the pain of a tongue tied baby trying to nurse the wrong way, who threw up monstrous amounts, cried every evening with colic, was up all night every night, seemed to have sensitivities to multiple foods and reflux. All of those things meant no sleep at all for either of us! By about 4 months old, things were getting worse and I was desperate. I was beyond tired with a house that was in shambles because I never got a break. I was lucky if he would take a 15 minute nap rather than a 10 minute nap, and we were up every 2 hours at night. [Read more...]

Clawz Shoes: Take a walk on the wild side!

Clawz Shoes Take a walk on the wild side 640x853 Clawz Shoes: Take a walk on the wild side!

Last summer, I had the hardest time finding a pair of go-to shoes for my son to play in outside–shoes he could wear to the playground, at the beach, in the backyard–shoes that are easy to put on and off by himself. And most importantly (to any child under the age of 5) shoes that are loved! Luckily, this year, my 3-year-old already has a favorite pair of shoes: Clawz Shoes (30% discount code at the end of the article!!!).

When Christopher’s Clawz Shoes arrived in the mail, Christopher immediately fell in love. I kid you not–he not only wore them around the house nonstop the rest of the day, he also slept in them that night! They are comfortable, easy to put on and very much loved. Christopher was anxious for the weather to warm up enough to wear them to school and show them off to all of his friends.

Screen Shot 2014 04 13 at 8.42.42 PM 640x90 Clawz Shoes: Take a walk on the wild side! [Read more...]

Happy Baby Happiest Baby Giveaway

I tend to make all my own baby food, but it’s just not as easy to take along for long trips. When we are headed out in the car or on a plane, it is really hard to bring frozen baby food and try to find a way to thaw it and feed the baby. It is much easier for me to find the next best thing which would be a baby food that is what it says it is.

Enter Happy Family Foods. We love the Happy Baby products from Happy Family because their baby food and snacks are all organic and the absolute best substitute for homemade! We had a chance to sample a bunch of their baby products and I am so proud to tell you all about them.

Happy Baby Logo 640x528 Happy Baby Happiest Baby Giveaway

Happy Family’s packaged food has little to no added ingredients. The sweet potato baby food?? Check out the ingredients: [Read more...]