12 Days of Christmas Giveaway Grand Finale: The Learning Tower AND A Playhouse Kit!

We are SO excited about this giveaway—For our big GRAND FINALE, the kind folks at Little Partners are giving away a FREE Learning Tower AND a FREE Playhouse kit!  That is over a $200 value!

For those of you that know about the Learning Tower, then you know how HOT this giveaway is; for those of you that don’t, read here for a complete description and review for this amazing product.

For a brief recap; the Learning Tower is the first step stool created for toddlers 18 months + and features a safe, sturdy and non-tip construction. The Tower helps facilitate a child’s desire to be independent and helpful by allowing them to work at the same level as their parents. It also features an adjustable platform so that it can adapt to your child’s height. It will support up to 500 pounds and roomy enough to support 2 children at the same time!

I cannot say enough great things about this product. I love to cook and now so does my son. It is a great way to keep him entertained while I am cooking and he can often help prepare simple things for the family too.  Even better, he always loves to help me do the dishes afterwards. Sure, he makes a mess, but I love that I am also teaching him responsibility at such a young age!

The learning tower also offers accessories that can be purchased separately to help create a fort, dollhouse, art easel and other fun activities. My son has the lemonade/ice cream stand; he absolutely loves it and I love that it helps foster his imagination.


Learning Tower Highlights and Features:

  • Only step stool on the market carefully and safely designed to meet the specific needs of young toddlers 18 mos. +.
  • It’s sturdy 15”x18” platform will grow with your child from 18 months up to 6 years and allows your child to move without slipping off the step.
  • Four-sided railings provide support while your child climbs in and prevents falling when inside the Tower.
  • Constructed from only the highest-quality layered birch and finished with durable, non-toxic, lead-free finish.
  • Allows children to feel independent and helpful in assisting in daily activities at home.
  •  Fits flush against counters to prevent pinched fingers or falling while climbing up.
  • Comes in a wide variety of colors, perfect to suit your kitchen’s decor.
  • Has been tested to hold up to 500 lb.

Don’t miss out on the AMAZING giveaway! The winner will receive a RED Learning Tower and also the Playhouse Kit of their choice. The red color will look fantastic in any modern kitchen. This would make a perfect holiday gift for any special child in your life!

Here’s how to Enter:

a Rafflecopter giveaway


  1. Kristen Desmangles says

    I would LOVE this! I have 2 very active boys – one in preschool and one who is 18 months. They LOVE doing things with me in the kitchen, but I am constantly pushing chairs around and worried about them falling. We would absolutely adore this at our house!!!!! Pick us, please! :)

  2. Julia Greenfield says

    Those learning towers look awesome! What a great (and safe) way for your child to be able to help you in the kitchen!

  3. Sherie says

    Oh I love red in my kitchen and the tower would be amazing because we have lots of cousins and babies in the house that like to be involved in kitchen activities. I would also love the art easel playhouse kit, I love crafts and hope to enjoy them with my baby.

  4. Stephanie says

    What an awesome way to have your kids learn and be safe…. I would love to have it so my children could help me more in the kitchen!

  5. natalie says

    this would be great for my son with cerebral palsy. i am always looking for a way for him to participate in the kitchen. he could be in tall kneeling position and work with support. great idea~!

  6. Lily Gauthreaux says

    Oh my goodness this is so perfect for us! My little man always tries to climb on the counters to see what we are up to in the kitchen! He loves to help and I know this would be a perfect addition for us!

  7. says

    I would love to use this in my kitchen. My daughter could be a bit safer while she helps me bake. I love the art easel kit! Great product, thanks for the giveaway :)

  8. Erin says

    This would be perfect for my toddler! She loves to push a kitchen chair over to the sink to “help” wash dishes and this tower would be so much safer.

  9. Rochel S says

    My son loves ‘helping’ me in the kitchen! This would be a real big help there! I really like the Lemonade Ice Cream stand playhouse kit!

  10. brooke t says

    my son loves helping in the kitchen and being 2 he isn’t tall enough – what a wonderful way to enjoy his helping!
    The Playhouse Kits Popcorn Stand/Puppet Show is our favorite

  11. Sarah UmmYousef says

    I would love to win this for my 18 month old! He’s starting to get very interesting in helping out in the kitchen and this would be perfect for us!

  12. Stacey R says

    I would love to win because my 3 year old is constantly brining his bathroom stool out to the kitchen and I would prefer if it stayed in the bathroom!! This would be a big help! I would choose the Art Easel kit.

  13. Anette says

    I would love one of those so my little girl could finally help me safe and sound around the kitchen. No more wobbly chairs. Trying to get my hubby to build one like it but we would rather win one. Would love the puppet theater. That one is just too cute.

  14. Nicole says

    I’ve been looking at this for my 2 year old who loves to help in the kitchen! It would also be great for the bathroom so he can wash hands now that we are potty training!

  15. Laura Egan says

    My girls love helping me prepare meals, this would be a fabulous, safe alternative to the step stool and chairs.

  16. Crystal C. says

    My daughter would love this! She already wants to help mommy in the kitchen, and she would love the art easel part, she is my budding little artist and chef!!

  17. Guinevere S says

    I would love to have this for my two little ones. I love involving them in household tasks like cleaning, laundry and cooking and this would allow them to be so much more involved. I would get it in dark cherry and I would get the Popcorn stand/puppet show playhouse kit! So fun!

  18. Addison Kat says

    The learning tower would be great for the kids to reach the counter in the kitchen to help cook. We like the Lemonade/Ice Cream playhouse kit

  19. Christy G says

    I like the lemonade stand :) I would love to win because my son loves to help out in the kitchen. And, we have been debating on getting a learning tower for awhile now… So it’d be great to win one!

  20. Katie Fischer says

    My son got to play on one of these at his cousin’s house, and he loved it. I’d love to get the art easel kit because he loves drawing!

  21. Amanda Selenke says

    my little guy would love this! He always pulls a chair to watch me cook or do dishes, this is much safer! He’d love the puppet show too!

  22. amy says

    the learning tower would be great because my daughter is home with me all day, and id love this to have her bake with me.

  23. Masooma says

    I would really like this for my son. HE’s been wanting this for a long time. My favorite would be the lemonade ice cream stand!

  24. Jill Conner says

    My son, Robbie, would love the learning tower! He pushes his Lego table into the kitchen and climbs up on top so he can see what we’re doing on the countertop, but it’s so dangerous…the learning tower would give me so much peace of mind!

  25. Danielle K. says

    My daughter loves to help me with cooking and crafts, this would be perfect for her! Love the lemonade stand too, so cute!

  26. says

    I’d loev to win the learning tower because it’d be great for my boy! Not just for an amazing Christmas present but for something that will entertain him always & i’d choose the art easel kit so that he can draw & play while learning at the same time :)

  27. Jessica says

    I would love to win the Learning Tower for my daughter. She is almost to the age where she can “help” in the kitchen and this looks so much more comfortable and safer for her than pulling up a chair to the counter. She loves her puppets, so I think she would really love the Popcorn Stand/Puppet Show kit

  28. says

    Oh, I would love the learning tower so my daughter could “help” me with the dishes, without needing to sit on the counter. Inevitably her feet end up in the sink.

    With my husband’s collection of puppets from when he was a child, it would have to be the Puppet Show one.

  29. Cassandra Eastman says

    I would love to win the learning tower because my 14 month old and 3 year old like to help me cook and we always have to pull a barstool over for them to help, so this would be amazing!

    My favorite playhouse kit is probably the Lemonade/Ice Cream kit, so cute! My kids would have so much fun with it!

  30. Stacy P says

    The learning tower would be perfect for my 2 year old son! He’s a little on the small side, so this would be great to give him a little boost!

  31. Angela says

    Ava loves to help me cook and our “half hazard pull over a chair method” is an ER trip waiting to happen, this would be fantastic to have!!

  32. Stacey says

    I love the idea of my child learning in the kitchen. That alone is a great opportunity, but there’s also the benefit of not having them crying for your attention while they’re in the kitchen because they are too! I would love the art play kit to help foster my daughters creative side (and we don’t have anything like it).

  33. Adrianne B says

    I’d love to win the Learning Tower for my daughter because she loves to help me cook. She has fallen from our low stool before, and the Learning Tower would help her work with me safely. I’d choose the Lemonade Stand.

  34. Veronique says

    I would love a learning tower. My son really enjoys helping me in the kitchen. And the puppet show kit is super cute!

  35. Christine Harding says

    A learning tower would be so great to have so that the kids could help me with baking. I would like the Popcorn Stand/Puppet Show Playhouse Kit

  36. Aura says

    I have 3 kids under 4 who like to help out in the kitchen. This would help them help out safely. The art easel/popcorn stand accessory would be a great addition and would extend the use of the learning tower.

  37. jules p says

    I would love to have it so that my kids can stand at our kitchen counter (safely) and cook with me. And I love the lemonaid icecream kit

  38. Megan Parsons says

    I would love to win this for my kitchen! My son is short and can’t reach to wash his hands or help mommy cook! This would solve that problem!

  39. Melody says

    The learning tower would be perfect for my granddaughter because she loves to be involved in everything! …and the lemonade stand is cute

  40. says

    I don’t know who would be more excited for this, my daughter or I. My friend has one that her grandpa built identical to this and I FELL IN LOVE! My daughter is a big helper, especially in the kitchen. Merry Christmas to you all at Simply Real Moms.

  41. Andrew Johnson says

    I’d like to win it so that the kid will be able to interact with her mom on the kitchen countertop. I think the green one would be best in our house.

  42. kindra baron says

    I’d love to win so my kids can be more interactive with me when I’m in the kitchen- they LOVE helping me cook/bake! I like the lemonade/ice cream stand playhouse the best.

  43. becky worthman says

    I am so glad there is a product out there that is stable…I’d rather they climb on this to help than to find creative ways of getting higher! I’d choose the art easel.

  44. Karen Medlin says

    Playhouse Kits Popcorn Stand/Puppet Show is my favorite, I enjoy bonding time with kids and the leaning tower would be so nice to have them stand in, instead of the stool.. they like to stand on the same stool and having both of them standing safely in the leaning tower would be a lot safer

  45. Kelly D says

    I would like the Learning Tower so much daughter can help me in the kitchen more. She has a hard time reaching the bowls to help stir/mix. I would choose the Lemonade/Ice Cream Playhouse Kit.

  46. Lindsay says

    I would love one for my almost-2-year-old! It would be great if he could start “helping” me in the kitchen and just being involved more. And I love the puppet show kit!

  47. Ellen Russell says

    That is so cool! The tower would be perfect for my two year old – he is loves helping me in the kitchen, and we are always dragging chairs back and forth everywhere. And I love the puppet show playhouse kit!
    Thanks for such a fun giveaway!

  48. Krystin J. says

    We would love the opportunity to have the accessories with the learning tower! Such an amazing and awesome product! Thanks.

  49. Chelsea says

    I would love the Learning tower because it would allow my kids to help me in the kitchen… the Ice Cream/Lemonade stand kit looks like it would be perfect for my kids!

  50. meegan whitford says

    The learning tower would be perfect for my niece who loves to help in the kitchen but is not tall enough. I like the lemonade/ice cream stand playhouse the best.

  51. Karan N Thomas says

    We would put the learning tower to use in the playroom and kitchen. My son loves to help with cooking and baking and this is the best way to keep him in the action while keeping him safe! We are just getting into pretend play and we love playing with puppets, so the puppet theater would be a great playhouse companion for the learning tower!

  52. Erin says

    My son would love to win this! He loves to help mommy in the kitchen and at the table. My daughter will be turning one soon and she would enjoy this as well

  53. maddie hughes says

    I love this! It would be great for my son who always wants to be involved with what I am doing. He would have a blast with the popcorn/puppet show play set.

  54. Nan Bixby says

    This would be perfect for my granddaughter who I keep. I spend alot of time in the kitchen between the canning, freezing and baking that I do and this would allow her to “help” Grandma.

  55. Mara says

    My kids would love this we use a chair in the kitchen but there have been minor heart attacks on my part when I think they are going to fall. I think they would like the play lemonade/ice cream stand they love to pretend feed and serve drinks to me and each other.

  56. ANGELA says

    Charleigh would love love love this! She would love giving me food from the lemonade stand, and the art easel is awesome too!

  57. Sonya Morris says

    I have been wanting a Learning Tower for awhile so my little one can help me in the kitchen. I would love to have the Lemonade Stand!

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