Simply Real Moms is an online magazine dedicated to providing current, relevant advice for today’s parents. We cover topics of all shapes and sizes, including a fresh selection of mom-tested recipes, firsthand product reviews, the latest fashion and beauty trends, health and wellness tips, and more.

The site was developed when a group of three moms saw other parents using search engines for answers to their parenting questions. The Simply Real Moms filled the void by creating a one-stop shop for ideas, information and tips where they provide practical advice for the everyday parent from the everyday parent.

Whether it’s a rainy-day craft idea or an article on the latest mom-friendly fashion trend, our moms are passionate about what they write. We know our recipes will find their way into your kitchen, so each one is tried and tweaked to perfection. And we know our recommendations may determine what products you buy, so every product review is truly an honest opinion, from one mom to another.

At Simply Real Moms, we love sharing our parenting experiences with our readers. Each of our moms has a unique background and perspective she brings to the site. Some of us work full time, some stay home. Some of us are young parents, some a little older. Every article will not only give you information to help guide you through the parenting process, but also give you an idea of who we are as individuals, because just like you, we are Simply Real Moms.


Meet the moms



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 Emily lives in Northern California with her husband and two sons, and they love spending time at local parks and family attractions. She is the mom of two and previously was a nanny for ten years. Emily loves to work with her hands: sewing, scrapbooking and making all sorts of crafts to decorate her home with.  She loves to laugh, cook, find a great bargain, and share great recipes and deals!
Email: emily@simplyrealmoms.com



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Erin lives in Northwest Pennsylvania with her two children, teen daughter Brid and preschooler Christopher. Erin is currently attending school for her MEd while devoting time to being a single mom of two. She is a passionate 1st grade teacher and loves early childhood education. Erin is enthusiastic about child development and education, holding various teaching certifications from Pre-K through Middle School. She is a little bit environmentalist, a little bit modern and a lot of fun! When she’s not spending 24 hours a day surrounded by children, she can be found flying her TARDIS.
Email: erin@simplyrealmoms.com


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Jasmine resides in Northern California with her husband and two sons, Ethan and Austin. She grew up in the San Francisco Bay area, and has a passion to the fashion industry. Jasmine attended the Fashion Institute of Design and Merchandising, where she earned her degree in Merchandise Marketing. Her experiences include merchandising for companies such as Guess and The Limited Corporation, as well as being a personal shopper. When she isn’t studying the latest trends you can find her hiking, attending baseball games with her family and exploring the Napa Valley for family-friendly wineries.
Email: jasmine@simplyrealmoms.com


Meet the Contributors 


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Sara handles all Simply Real Moms “Thrifty Thursday” posts. She’s a photographer by day and a deal-seeking mama by night. She is also the mom of two beautiful children – Olivia and Liam.



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Bex is a regular contributor at Simply Real Moms, she is also the owner of BexBuiltaFamily.com. She’s a mom, blogger, yarn loving, scissor wielding, master chef (in her own kitchen), wife and music lover.



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Megan owns ShapingUpToBeaMom.com. She is a mom to two and has one on the way. A neat fact about Megan is that she has a degree in musical theatre and theatre education. She can often be found choreographing and directing for local theatres and schools.



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Kristin’s personality and energy fits right in with the Mom’s of Simply Real Moms. As an experienced travel and automotive writer, Kristin helps to cover some automotive events for Simply Real Moms. When she isn’t busy being an awesome mom, you can find her at InDeepH2O.com.